Two Guys No Lies Podcast is the search for truth.

The world is bogged down with endless amounts of information, opinions, and advertisements in an attempt to shape who we are, what we want, and give us a version of their truth.

What is the truth? That is the question. But more importantly what isn’t truth?

Join us in the search as we explore art, faith, culture, relationships, business, and simply the truth to how we were meant to live.

This is practical aspects of life through a spiritual lens. This is Two Guys No Lies Podcast.

Meet the Guys




Who is Cody? Some say he’s a nice dude, some say he’s somewhat of an animal. Others say he’s just okay.

Cody was born into a split family, the youngest of just three. He spent the summers riding horses and skateboards while listening to divine mix of heavy metal and classic country.

For the first twelve years of his life he was fed a daily spoonful of lies about his family, the world around him and who he was meant to be. Not knowing any better he started searching for truth in the world in lust and any other quick vice in arms reach.

Around age 14 Cody had an encounter with God that changed his life forever. Starting a new search for truth based on the Bible, he started redefining what family, the world around him, and the trajectory of his life would look like.

Cody is now a resident of the great city of Tulsa and is the Co-host of Two Guys No Lies. By day he’s just a normal guy working a normal job… By night, he straps on his bass and takes the stage with his band FM Pilots.

Learn more about Cody at www.FMPilotsMusic.com

Fun Facts About Cody:

  • He’s Gluten-Free
  • He Hates the Cold
  • His Favorite Band is Rush


christian-podcast-caleb-two-guys-no-lies copy

Caleb is a writer, artist and has been socially unacceptable since 1989. Born in fly over country he is the second oldest of six crazy humans and while he was not being thrown out of elementary school classrooms, because of his short attention span, he was writing or constructing forts in the backyard. 

Growing up in church the notion of God was not unfamiliar to him but he noticed a compliancy and lack of pursuit into the deeper things of God throughout the services, youth gatherings, and church activities.

It wasn’t until he got a job out at a church summer camp that everything changed. There he was challenged by the camp director on what it really meant to know who God was and what it meant to really believe in him. It was there in the heat of the summer that his foundation of what it meant to listen to God and have a relationship with him was built.

He’s since grown taller (not that much taller) and wiser, and his search for truth continues. He still gets thrown out of conservative places for his short attention span and passionate yelling when trying to get his point across. His inspiration for life comes from his love for books, mythology and odd trinkets that he discovers in small town flea markets. While his older sister, whom he loves dearly, considers him a hoarder, he prefers the term ‘Unconventional Collector.’

Caleb currently resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the undiscovered tourist capital of America) and spends his evenings working out, podcasting, writing and watching the original Star Wars on VHS. 

Learn more about Caleb at www.CalebMHutton.com

Fun Facts About Caleb:

  • He Eats the Same Thing Everyday
  • He Hates Getting Wet
  • His Favorite Writer is Steven Pressfield