Managing the Little Things | Part 4 | Two Guys No Lies, a Christian Podcast

Caleb: It’s just water.

Cody: It’s flavored water.

Caleb: It’s got a hint of coffee.

Cody: It’s got a hint of roast in it.

Caleb: It’s not, dude.

Cody: I’ve used the app before. What’s really cool about it is it will break down your expenses. It tracks what you buy. It’s already got preloaded in it all of the categories of when you buy Starbucks it’s going to go under coffee. When you buy food at the grocery store, it’s going to tell it hey, you bought this here. Then, also you can go into it further and say, “This was for this.” It’s really cool because you can see. Even you can set parameters for it. As you’re going throughout the week it’ll keep a track on it. Say I’ve went to Starbucks five times. It’s going to send me an alert saying, “Hey, you’re spending all your coffee money for the week. Slow up on it.” It’s a really cool resource. We’ll definitely put a link to that in the email.

Caleb: There’s nothing wrong with using things like this. For me, here’s just my life. I’m really bad at structuring my time because I’m super spacey. I forget things all the time, but I have a calendar. I’m really good at doing this, though. I put things in my calendar. I have alarms for everything. I have alarms to shower, mainly because I hate to shower. I do shower. I shower every day, but I don’t like getting wet. I don’t like swimming. I don’t like showering. That’s weird. I’m like, “You’re weird.” To me, being wet is one of the top most uncomfortable things on the face of the planet. I hate it, bro, but I need to be clean, but because I don’t deem it as something that’s I don’t like or something important, I sent an alarm. Every night at 7:00 it goes off. It says, “Take a shower. You stink,” which is true. What do I do? I take a shower.

Cody: I remember being in Colorado the first few nights. Your alarm would go off. I’d make jokes about what his alarm was for, work related. Then, you’re like, “No, bro.” Like, “That’s my shower alarm.” You tell me this. I just think it’s hilarious. For the next five nights every time it goes off, I’m like, “All right, bro. Time to shower.”


Caleb: Yeah. Everyone thinks it’s a joke, but I smell better than everybody else.

Cody: “But it’s my life. This is no joke.”

Caleb: I know I’m aware that I’ll just let time go by. I have an alarm that tells me when we’re recording the podcast and what I need to bring and then I have an alarm. I do grocery shopping the same time every week. I’m learning how to manage my time. This is just me taking the next step with my finances of learning how to manage that more in depth, because eventually I’m going to have so much money and so many things to do, but …

Cody: You’re going to have coattails and I’m going to be riding them. Can’t wait.

Caleb: Just don’t get too close.

Cody: No, I won’t. I’ll stay in the shower.

Caleb: Don’t get too close.

Cody: No, I think that’s super relevant.

Caleb: You’ll stay in the shower? Is that what you said?

Cody: I’ll stay in the shower.

Caleb: You’re going to get in the shower with me?


Cody: I’ll be waiting as you open the curtain. “Hello.” You know what I think is super relevant for me? How I’ve been in a similar fashion, as long as finances, as my fiance and I get closer to marriage. We’ve been thinking about our first house together and our first apartment together, whatever this is going to look like. Our wedding date is set in October. Our current lease is up in July. We dated for five years and didn’t live together. We were very, very against living together before we got married. Then, I made this really brash decision to move back to Tulsa from Oklahoma City.

Caleb: You lived in Oklahoma City before?

Cody: I lived in Oklahoma City for five years. I didn’t say that. Thank you. That’s good. I lived in Oklahoma City for five years while I was going to UCO while we were dating. We didn’t ever live together. Then, when I made the decision to move to Tulsa, like I said, it was a really brass decision.

Caleb: Are you saying brass?

Cody: Brass. Is it brash?

Caleb: Yeah. You’re saying, “Brass,” like a brass bed or brass like you play the trumpet.

Cody: Maybe. Am I wrong?

Caleb: I don’t think brass is the right word. I think it’s rash.

Cody: Rash?

Caleb: Wait, wait.

Cody: Brash?

Caleb: No. Yes. I made a rash decision, but when I think of rash, I think of just these red bumps on my inner thigh.

Cody: That’s something you’re going to know about me that Caleb will just eat up is that I just don’t know words very well.

Caleb: No, bro. Dude, that’s like saying, “I made this really trumpet decision.”

Cody: That’s just a trumpet decision.

Caleb: I made this really trombone decision to move. What? Yeah, it’s rash.

Cody: Along those lines today, I was leaving Sprouts and one of my roommates was at Noodle & Company or Noodles Company. Whatever. This really noodles spot.

Caleb: Noodle & Company?

Cody: I think it’s Noodle & Company. I think that’s what it’s called.

Caleb: I actually don’t know what that is.

Cody: It’s so good. It’s just noodles. Just all kinds of noodles. I made a brash decision not to eat there today. I asked him. I was making small talk over a text message and I was like, “Hey, what’d you get?” He was like, “Oh, I got the beef stroganoff.” I was, “That’s a mistake,” but I spelled mistake like you would spell steak, like you’re going to eat steak. His text message back was like, “Ha, ha. That’s super funny.” I was just like, “What?’

Caleb: Oh, you didn’t go with it?

Cody: I didn’t understand because I really thought mistake was m-i-s-t-e-a-k. I spelled mistake wrong, but he saw the food pun there and then he lost it. He’s like, “That’s such a great pun.” I’m like, “What? What’s so funny?” He’s like, “Your food pun.” I went back and read it. I was like, “No, dude.”

Caleb: You confessed that you didn’t do it on purpose? Dude, I would have.

Cody: I know. I should have.

Caleb: I don’t know why. Sure.

Cody: Sure, but yeah,

Caleb Hutton: I am that clever.

Cody David: I made this really rash decision to move to Tulsa. After two months of her being in Oklahoma City and me living in Tulsa we were just like, “We hate this. The, the travel sucks.” We want to both be in the same spot. We started to slowly feel from her traveling here on the weekends that Tulsa felt like a really good place to [inaudible 00:30:38] our family. We just went ahead and pulled the trigger and moved in with two other roommates who are my two best friends from high school. Bless her heart. She’s living with three guys. We’re so ready to start our own endeavor together. I relate this that we were looking at moving in October when we got married. That’ll be our first place together. We’ll be married. This will be really awesome.

The more we got to thinking about it, there’s not probably going to be anything changes financially between July and October. Right? It’s a short month span. It’s three months. We got to thinking if we couldn’t do it based on what we have right now with what we’re making, what makes you think from July to October there’s going to be this drastic change, there’s going to be new opportunity? I hope there is, but if there’s not we’re going to be screwed because we’ve spent all of our time mismanaging our money now and hoping that better times are going to come.

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