Managing the Little Things | Part 5 | Two Guys No Lies, a Christian Podcast

Caleb: Or, even thinking it’s going to change once we get married because you have this like once I get married and I settle down, then we’ll start doing real adult stuff, but it won’t. Your habits won’t change.

Cody: No, not at all. I don’t know.

Caleb: What did you guys do? What did you guys change? What was your course of action after that?

Cody: Our course of action we decided to go ahead when our lease is up in July. We feel pretty confident about moving out. Over the next six to eight months really getting a grasp on our finances, saving receipts and that way we know through our student debt and all this other stuff, things that we have to pay off, it’s like, “Hey, this amount.” Also, one of the things I should say is trying to beat down some of our debt is a huge goal before we move into this next place. We just had to sit down and say, “Hey, like if we pay this amount of money on this loan and this amount on this loan, it’ll take six months to pay it off.” Then, we can potentially have two months of debt freedom to save in preparation to move out. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this before, but base your income, your living circumstances off of one paycheck.

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Caleb: Yeah. My dad used to teach me. For finance and stuff it needs to be 30%. It shouldn’t over exceed 30%.

Cody: Yeah. If you got hurt or your hours got cut or something like that, off of one paycheck you can pay your bills. As we put that together, it’s like, “Well, now we have two people’s incomes. What does two weeks look like with both of our income?” It’s making sure that we can stay with, inside of that parameter. For me being a musician and traveling with my band or something like that, it’s a real possibility that I’m only going to have two weeks of income throughout the course of a month from a job. That needs to be I know that I can afford to take off X amount of days to travel or to record or to do whatever in life and we’ll still be okay. We’ll still come out ahead in the situation.

Caleb: The question that I ask myself or you ask or anyone should ask themselves is maybe you’re praying for financial breakthrough. Maybe you’re like, “I feel like I don’t have any time.” Maybe you’re like, “I feel like I should be like talking to people or influencing people.” The question is to maybe sit down and be like, “Why are those things not happening?” Some of them might be like, “Well, God’s just … God’s waiting for the right time just because it’s a strategic thing or maybe he’s waiting on you to get your crap together.” Why isn’t God giving me financial blessing? If I got it, I would squander it.

Cody: You wouldn’t check it.

Caleb: I wouldn’t check it.

Cody: You would never manage it. You’ve got to think if you break it down into he’s giving you authority over that. You would totally abuse your authority by neglecting it. Just because you have it, it’s there. Then, what would be the outcome as one day? It’s going to be gone and you’re going to turn around and you’re going to say, “But God, there was a mistake.”

Caleb: Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Bro, somebody messed up.”

Cody: That reminds me so much of Job where they’re going back and forth in the arguments and Job’s like, “But wait. If you … if you look at my life, like I haven’t done these things you’re accusing me for.” Same thing for you. You’re like, “But God, there is a mistake.” He’s like, “No.”

Caleb: Somebody at the bank did something wrong.

Cody: There’s no mistake.

Caleb: Something got missed. There wasn’t, bro. I tried to look. I looked. He was like, “See?” I was like, “Whatever, man,” but then, he’s like, “Are you going to? Are you now going to take the next step into like honing the skill?” Do I want to? No, but immediately I signed up on and linked all my accounts.


Cody: That’s what I love about having you as a friend is you’re so systematic and so laser focused on things where it’s in the same circumstance it’s probably going to take me a week or two of thinking on it and I’m going to weigh the possibilities. I know they’re all good. I’m going to go back and forth some more. Then, it’s like, “Okay, I’m going to ease into it.” I love that about you is when you feel something is right and you’re like, “I see no bad. The good I might not see for a while, but I see no bad.” You’re like, “I’m going to try it,” with working out, with changing your diet. Things like that. That’s really cool. It’s definitely something for me to look up to and as iron sharpens iron definitely something that I hope rubs off on me through us doing life together. It sucks.

Caleb: So much adulting.

Cody: No, man. It’s good adulting. I feel I’ve heard that term more from our …

Caleb: Yeah. I feel like it’s a thing.

Cody: From our generation?

Caleb: Yeah.

Cody: It’s like we never anticipated adult would come to us.

Caleb: No. I was talking to my sister the other day. It’s like I don’t think we realized how much detail goes into being an adult, but honestly, if you sit down and get a grip on it, you can control the majority of things. You can. You can control where your time goes. You can do it, even though you’re like, “My job sucks.” No. You can control where you spend your time. You can control where you spend your money. You can control the amount of influence that you have and what you’re doing with the people around you. I would say for some resources just off of the top of my head things that I would, like I know is really easy and it’s free.

That would be a good thing for finances. I know that there’s a book called Time Management Magic by Lee Cockerell. Lee Cockerell is the guy who used to run Walt Disney Resorts. He ran it for over a decade. He managed 60,000 people. He wrote this really small book just about how to manage your time, but he’s the expert on time management. Those are just a few resources, at least two for me, that pop into my head if somebody wanted to hone in on those skills and know that they’re not really good at it. Those would be things that I would do. We’ll put those links down in the description and stuff along with all the other things that we reference.

Cody: Yeah, that’s great. There’s also Broken Arrow Assembly. They do offer a financial class. It’s one of Dave Ramey …

Caleb: Oh, yeah. Dave Ramey? Dude, you just brassed right into that.

Cody: So brass of me. One of Dave Ramsey’s classes. It’s Financial Peace University. Check that out definitely at the Broken Arrow Assembly of God’s website. We’ll throw a link up to that. That’ll be something if you’re looking to get plugged in. Like me, I function very well in a class type setting where someone’s feeding me information, much more than I do from reading a book or something like that different.

Caleb: I’m the opposite. I reject teaching and authority. I really do. If I don’t make up my mind to do something myself, I won’t do it. Usually, it’s like tonight. I’m sure if someone had told me like, “Hey, dude. Get your money stuff together, like these aspects,” I was probably like, “Whatever, bro.” I don’t know. That’s probably an issue all in itself.

Cody: No. I remember I got in a car wreck a few months ago hit by a drunk driver who was uninsured. As I’m sitting there trying to figure out how I’m going to pay for my car, do I need to go through the legal system and prosecute this guy? I was literally having this conversation with my dad. I was like, “Dad, this sucks.” Like, “I miss when you took care of everything.” That’s crazy to think about because all I could think about growing up was this sucks. I can’t wait until I have total freedom. Be so careful what you wish for because once you get that freedom, you’re so unprepared for it.

Caleb: Don’t go move back in with your parents. Don’t be a weenie, but dude, just take responsibility, take control. It’s nobody else’s fault but your own. I understand there are circumstances that happen, but a lot of things in my life that happened, situations, I was prepared because I had done things before.

Cody: That’s awesome. Yeah. Management. Be faithful in the little things.

Caleb: Little things. Everything. That’s what you should take away.

Cody: Everything.

Caleb: That’s what I’m taking away.

Cody: My first lesson at this was straightening chairs in master’s commission when I was going through a ministry program. We had to straighten the chairs in-between services and after every service. They ran three services on Sunday and then they had Wednesday service. The auditorium set 3,500 people. 3,500 chairs all interlinked together that looked like giant snakes at the end of each service. You’re going through this.

Caleb: That was the devil, bro.

Cody: You’re like, “This is so pointless. These people don’t care.” Like, “It’s just a chair,” but almost the satisfaction afterwards. You look down every straight chair. You’re like, “This looks great,” and then knowing that being faithful in little things like that, the doors that it opened in my life for other serving opportunities I probably wouldn’t have taken if I didn’t get really comfortable straightening chairs.

Caleb: There’s also a chance that God was like, “Look at the detail you’re doing in this little thing which is just chairs. I know that I can trust you to pay that much attention to something that like really matters and really will impact something like in the world.”

Cody: That’s good.

Caleb: I think we’re good, dude.

Cody: I’m Cody.

Caleb: I’m Caleb.

Cody: This is Two Guys No Lies.

Caleb: No Lies.

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