Managing in the Little Things | Part 2 | Two Guys No Lies, a Christian Podcast

Cody: I’m going to bring you down to my level.

Caleb: “Listen. I was like, “I understand what you’re saying, but what I’m saying is there … I think that something got missed.” I went home, pulled up my computer, looked at my statement, looked at all the things that I probably should have been doing in the first place. There was nothing wrong. I saw where the money had come in and I saw where the money had went out and where it was going. God’s like, “See?” I’m like, “Yeah, okay.” Then I’m thinking. He’s like, “Are you going to get a grip on your finances?”

Now, like I said before, there’s aspects of money that I’m good at, but the detailed of knowing where every single dollar goes is I don’t really touch that. I have a general idea of what I spend my money on. I don’t spend it on anything crazy. There just happened to be big amounts that left my account for certain things. Then, I’m driving on my way to meet you. As I’m driving, this is what drops in me like a rock to the bottom of the ocean sinking to the depths of the sea surrounded by oysters and squids.

Cody: Darkness.

Caleb: Little crabs are looking at me and they say, “God cannot multiply what you can’t manage.”

Cody: Wow. That’s powerful.

Caleb: I was like, “Oh.” I was like, “He can’t multiply what you can’t manage.” If you can’t manage your money, how can God multiply it?

Cody: Yeah. I’m going to read this. I’m sure many people have heard this verse before. This is Luke 16, 10 through 13.

Caleb: That’s what I had pulled up, too.

Cody: That’s what you had pulled up?

Caleb: I had it pulled up. I had it pregame.

Cody: What version did you pull up?

Caleb: I had the NIV.

Cody: That’s cool. I have The Message. Let’s read them both.

Caleb: Okay. Read yours first.

Cody: I’ve got right here 10 through 13, just this little chunk. It says, “Jesus went on to make these comments. ‘If you’re honest in the small things, you’ll be honest in the big things. If you’re a crook in the small things, you’ll be a crook in the big things. If you’re not honest in the small jobs, who will put you in charge of the store? No workers can choose two bosses. He’ll either hate one and love the other second.’

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Caleb: That 13 gets off.

Cody: Yeah, it gets off on 13.

Caleb: No. The idea is that if you’re good with the little things, then you can be trusted with … What we’re talking about today and why we’re talking about it is managing things in our lives and just being good stewards of things in our lives.

Cody: Of the little things.

Caleb: This is what I find interesting is that I feel with things with finances and time and just stuff is we somehow deem that less spiritual than things like reading our Bible or going to church or worshiping. Do you know what I mean? We’re almost like, “Okay. Managing my money is important, but I don’t think it’s spiritual.” According to the Bible, it is spiritual, that everything is spiritual, that everything links back to it, that if you’re trusted in the little things, that God can trust you with bigger things. I feel we push things off. Right? I even have the thought which is not true. It’s a lie that oh, getting really good with my finances and knowing, setting aside a time to do it, it’s not as spiritual as if I were going to read my Bible or read a spiritual book. We trick ourselves into thinking it’s not essential to our Christian walk, but according the Bible, according to Luke, it is.

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Cody: We’re not even talking about tithing. We’re not even going that deep.

Caleb: No. It’s just about managing what you’ve got.

Cody: What you have. I think that a lot of people our age are fresh out of college or they may have been working for a few years, but they’re just now getting promoted into management or just in the next level in life. We’re embarking on that next step.

Caleb: Just adulting like we were talking about.

Cody: Yeah, just adulting.

Caleb: You’re an adult now. You have things you’ve got to take care of.

Cody: Right. You’re no longer working at Sonic. Now, you’re the dairy manager at Sprouts which is what I am. We had this conversation the other day as we were talking about … I was talking about I knew God wanted to use me for something. I knew that the things that I’m doing at work with numbers and with managing people aren’t for nothing. There’s got to be something that I’m learning here. I just felt really urged one morning that God was like, “If I were to give you people to speak into, like if you can’t even do that at Sprouts … ”

Caleb: “How can you do it on a larger scale?”

Cody: “How can you do it on a larger scale?”

Caleb: “How can I multiply your influence if you can’t manage the influence that I’ve given you? How can you do that?” I feel this what’s funny is because what do people pray, though? “God, please give me more influence.” “God, please give me more money.” “God, please give me more time.” If you can’t manage the little that you have right now, how are you going to run a multi-million dollar company or a multi-million dollar nonprofit if you can’t manage the money that you have right now? How am I going to do that? I can’t. I have to be detailed.

Cody: I think you could even take it and apply it to say you’re in school right now and you’re stuck in that rut. What is next for me? What is this job I’m supposed to do? What does life look like after I finish school? If you’re not diligently putting in the time to study and to be on top of your work, what do you think is going to come from that? What is the next step going to look like? If you’re not putting in all of the work in the small things in school, then whenever you’ve got somebody, you get into the real world and people have expectations of you and you now have a worth. You’ve got a dollar sign next to what you’re worth an hour.

My job I tell this to new guys. It’s almost like I feel so stupid saying it, so corporate America, but when I explain to them what the goal is here it’s speed. It’s as simple as we’re literally taking something out of a box and putting it on the shelf, but if it takes you an hour and a half to do something that’s taking me 15 minutes to do, you’re not really worth anything to me because I need speed. Your value to me in that job setting is based in your speed. It’s crazy to think time management, all of these little things.

Caleb: I think some of it is that I think people are like, “Okay. I’ll get a grip on my finances when, um, when I start my business,” or “I’ll get a grip on my finances once I’m really doing what I want to do because I’ll, I’ll track that money,” but how you are now, your habits aren’t going to change just because a life event happened.

Cody: Not at all.

Caleb: The way that you manage things in what way is it going to change? For me, if I was given a large sum of money tomorrow, I’m going to manage that large sum the same way that I manage my little today. I don’t make boo koos and boo koos of money. How in the world am I going to manage large amounts of money if I can’t track the little?

Cody: Right. Say you were praying for a financial blessing, something of that sorts where it’s directly related to your finances. It’s like, “Okay. I’ve got … ” Say I’m getting $500 a week and at the end of the week I’m running down to where it’s I’m hurting, stressed out waiting for my next paycheck. What right ground do you have to stand on to think that financial favor is going to be granted to you? No. I’m not saying that it’s just going to be a no, but it’s probably going to be a wait answer. You’re not ready for it. You don’t know what God’s timeline is. In doing and waiting and maturing and growing your finances and balancing and finding ways to cut costs here and there and you show this diligence then, “Oh, you are ready. I can see that you’ve taken this little bit that I’ve put you in charge of and you’ve been able to be faithful in it.”

Caleb: When I was thinking about this it reminded me of the talent story that’s in the Bible. It’s in Matthew 25, 15 through 29.

Cody: I don’t think I was there on Sunday for that one. Go ahead and tell me about it.

Caleb: On Sunday?

Cody: Yeah.

Caleb: What are talking about?

Cody: I don’t know it.

Caleb: I wasn’t there on Sunday.

Cody: I don’t know this story.

Caleb: You don’t know the talent story?

Cody: No. I might know it, but I don’t know it as the talent story. This is what happens when you don’t grow up in church. People are like, “Hey, remember this cool story in the Bible?” You’re like, “Ah …. ”

Caleb: Matthew 25, 15 through 29. I hope that everyone who’s never read the Bible feels stupid now. No, that’s not my goal. Cody’s like, “You just made me feel dumb, bro.”

Cody: No, I love it.

Caleb: No, I get it. Okay. Essentially, the story is there’s a master. He’s got three servants. Right? One servant he gives five talents. To the second servant, he gives two talents. Then, the third servant he gets one talents. Then, he goes away on a journey. The first servant takes his five talents, goes and makes five more. The second one takes his two, goes and makes two more. The last servant who has one is afraid of his master, takes the talent and buries it in the ground. Right? Then, the master returns. He looks at the guy with five and the guy said, “Hey, I took my five talents. I made five more.” The master says, “Good. Well done, good and faithful servant. Here is five more because you did something with what I gave you.”

Then, the second guy, two talents, he said, “Hey, master, I made two more.” “Well done, my good and faithful servant,” gives him two more. Then, he goes to the guy with the one. The guy with the one, he said, “Master, I know that you were … you were a harsh … ” or “That you were … ” Here. Let me read it because I feel I’m … Oh. He says, “I knew that you were a hard man harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. So, I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground. See, here. This is what belongs to you.” Then, for anyone who hasn’t heard, what do you think the master said?

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